The STEM Regional Hubs of the Governor's STEM Council each have an inventory of STEM kits that are available for check out by programs and schools. Available information is below.

North Central STEM Hub

NC STEM Hub Kit Inventory

Click here to check out a kit.

Northwest STEM Hub

NW STEM Hub Kit Inventory
NW STEM Hub Book List

Click here to fill out the kit check out form.

Southeast STEM Hub

Camp In A Can Activity Kits
Each activity kit includes 25 engaging activities and are designed for ages 6-10. If interested in checking out a kit or for more information, click here.

World In Motion Activity Kits
If interested in checking out a kit or for more information on the kits that are available, click here.

South Central STEM Hub

The South Central Hub offers kits, educator materials, and teacher materials.

SC STEM Kit Inventory

Southwest STEM Hub

SW STEM Kit Descriptions
SW STEM Kit Inventory

For more details about kit check outs and to request one, click here.