This page contains plenty of resources to help you select the right curriculum and find high-quality STEM activities.

Curriculum Guides

Check out the guides below for information on STEM curriculum options and how to find the best fit for your program.

Science After School (SAS) Consumers Guide
A source for activities and resources that support great afterschool science:

Recommended Afterschool STEM Curricula

List of Vetted STEM Curricula

Quality Checklist for STEM Curricula

STEM Curricula Comparison Chart

Lesson Plans and Activities

Below are free, high-quality STEM lesson plans and activities you can use in your program.

Find more here:
Making Slime
Paperclip Float

Magic Ketchup
Lava in a Cup

Film Canister Rocket
Color Changing Chemistry

SEDL Afterschool Toolkit
Find more here:
Cooking (K-2)
Sink or Float (K-2)

Three Billy Goats Gruff (3-5)
Festival of Bubbles (3-5)

What Happened to Mya (6-8)
My Pyramid (9-12)

A huge list of free STEM education resources from Stemfinity:

Techbridge Activities

The National Afterschool Alliance offers short, discovery-based STEM activities to informal educators for free. The activities are flexible enough to be adapted to any age group and include key STEM concepts, discussion questions and prompts, and step-by-step instructions. Check out some of the STEM Gems below.

Acids and Bases:
Glow On This:

How to Weigh an Elephant:
Tower Engineering Challenge:

Simple Sundials:
Sink or Float:

Planet Oobleck:
Cloud in a Bottle:


AfterSchool KidzMath
Research base:

Planning Tool:

Leader's checklist:

Sample Activities:

AfterSchool KidzScience

Activity Catalog:

Free icebreakers and student badges for activities