About the STEM Active Learning Initiative

A Quick Overview

The following one-pagers shed light on the goals of the initiative:

1. Introduction to STEM Next STEM System Building Initiative

2. What does STEM active learning in out-of-school time programs look like?

3. The Impact of STEM in Afterschool

4. Full research paper on STEM outcomes

What is High-Quality STEM?
Working Definition from the STEM Active Learning Community Partners Working Group:
"Quality informal STEM integrates science, technology, engineering, and math by providing meaningful opportunities set in a relevant context for youth to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, inquiry, and creativity through engaging, hands-on and inter-generational activities and programming. Quality programming is distinguished by authentic and appropriate active engagement in purposeful activities in an environment that is conducive to learning, curiosity, and experimentation, and provides youth with opportunities to build positive relationships, reflect, and connect their learning to the broader world."

California Afterschool Network article on quality

Interview on quality with Gil Noam of PEAR

Quality STEM Webinar recording: http://bit.ly/1nG1Nnn

Quality STEM Webinar powerpoint:
Quality STEM Webinar_8.22.14.pdf
Quality STEM Webinar_8.22.14.pdf

Iowa SySTEM Building & Partners Contact Information

Iowa SySTEM Building - Gracie Brandsgard gbrandsgard@sppg.com
Iowa Afterschool Alliance - Michelle Rich mrich@sppg.com
STEM Active Learning Community Partners Committee - Deb Dunkhase ddunkhase@theicm.org
South Central and Southwest Regional Managers (Iowa Governor's Council STEM Hubs) - Sarah Derry sarah.derry@drake.edu and Deb Frazee frazee@swcc.cc.ia.us

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