Dimensions of Success Tool Overview:

Overview of the DoS tool:

Learn more here: https://www.thepearinstitute.org/dimensions-of-success

What are the DoS dimensions?

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Webinar: Overview of the DoS and Common Instrument
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Presented by Dr. Ashima Mathur Shah and Dr. Dylan Robertson, PEAR (Program in Education, Afterschool & Resiliency, Harvard University)

Dimensions of Success (DoS) Program Planning Tool
The DoS Program Planning Tool is a new tool developed for informal educators to use as they prepare staff to lead STEM activities. The DoS Planning Tool aligns with the DoS observation tool, and focuses on how educators can prepare and facilitate high-quality STEM activities.

You can download the DoS Planning Tool here:

The DoS Feedback Report and Coaching Guide can be accessed via the same link as above.

Common Goals, Common Assessments